Introduction to NetSimSco

Are you wanting to get your foot in the door to a networking career? Are you already a network engineer who wants a jump start on learning more advanced skills to prepare you for certification exams? NetSimSco is here to help.

How does it work?

NetSimSco will have two options: CREATE - where user will create different network infrastructures using Cisco equipment and TROUBLESHOOT - where the user can use pre-installed network scenarios for troubleshooting. Both options will come with tips that will help the user along the way, either creating a network or troubleshooting a network problem. With the apps’ 3 tier levels, Entry, Mid-Level and Senior, the user can either choose the level they are currently at to practice skills they have already learned, OR the user can choose a more advanced level that will help them learn new skills that will be needed on the next levels’ certification exam.

How is it different?

Unlike similar apps that only allow you to create networks from scratch, NetSimSco has that capability plus the added bonus of learning to troubleshoot different scenarios which is invaluable knowledge to have when trying to advance in an IT career.

This app has high marks and is a billion dollar industry.


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