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Expand your Knowledge.

with NetSimSco using your mobile device.

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About NetSimSco

NetSimSco has that capability plus the added bonus of learning to troubleshoot different scenarios which is invaluable knowledge to have when trying to advance in an IT career.

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    Find. out how to advance your skills:

    Either create or troubleshoot different scenarios to advance your networking knowledge base.

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    Save. your progression:

    As you complete the levels, you can save your progress and move on to more challenging problems.

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    Share. your story:

    Use the app anytime and share your knowledge with others or even use it to study for certification exams.

App features.

NetSimSco gives you the power of Troubleshooting and Learning all in one...

  • Create different network infrastructures
  • Use pre-installed network scenarios for troubleshooting
  • Tips for study help
  • Great tool for beginners to learn the networking field